Feb 9, 2007


When I last spoke to fellow knitter, Amber, about the stash-a-thon, she suggested I photograph my stash (yarn stash for any of you perverts out there). I have been putting it off because I really don't want to be ridiculed by anyone. However, I have decided it is time to come clean. Here is my stash in all of it's glory. It is a fair pile of wooly goodness. Much of my stash is Lion Brand, perhaps that is why I haven't used it up yet. The other bulk of my stash is Fiber Festival finds that I have designated for certain sweaters. I think I am afraid to knit those projects because I always fear how the sweater will fit.

I noticed I have somewhat of a color bias going on.

Here is my small stash of sock yarn - really, it is quite small. It makes me wonder if I forgot some in a box somewhere.

But, of course, I used a lot of my sock stash for the Socktoberfest and have also been doing a bit of gift knitting.

Besides my stash, I have a shoulder bag full of bits of leftover sock yarn balls. Does anyone have a great pattern for children/baby socks?

You knitters out there probably don't think as badly of my stash as the non-knitters. You know it could be worse.....

Mine does not drown small children.

Mine does not resemble a yarn store.

And my sock yarn does not require it's own filing system (oh, but I wish it did).

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patty said...

Take pride in your stash! If you want to get rid of your Lion Heart I'll take it off your hands and work on another prayer shawl!