Feb 22, 2007

"Hello. There is dog poop on your shoe."

At least, that's all I could think of to say. I entered an exam room today to see a 15 year old girl with abdominal pain. She was sleeping on the table, listening to an iPod nano, and stinking up the joint with a left shoe covered in dog poo. She was oblivious. It's not like an unzipped fly. There was no ignoring it, especially seeing as how I had to sit with her for atleast 15 minutes breathing (and therefore smelling). I told her. She replied, so wittingly, "gross"....and left it there. She didn't seem embarrassed. She seemed to have a complete lack of the sense to smell.

What would you say?


Meagan said...

sounds like a House episode. I'm sure he'd diagnose her for some sort of Neurological disorder in which her sense of smell was deteriorating. maybe she is just used to the smell. a kid in high school was like that.

Patty Ann said...

Well that is the best poopy story you've ever told.
Farmers used to come into the bank lobby stinking to high heaven. I do believe they get used to the smell.
That girl may actually have a problem though. Withdrawn a little? She could have given you the courtesy of removing her ipod.

Linda V said...

What if you had gone and gotten a plastic bag and said: "You would be appalled at HUGE amount of dog poop on your shoe. Why don't we get rid of it for the duration of this visit". Put in the bag then spritz the room with air freshener for effect. About Heather Mills.. She's going to need a Ticket to Ride as far as I'm concerned.

Kim said...

Nasty. I think she was just a weirdo. You'll have to have someone out to the office to clean all the carpet. I am such a germ freak I totally would whine to the doctor/office manager about calling a cleaning company. Yuck. This is why you get paid the big bucks!

Angie said...

Kim, you should have put big bucks in quotes. If I do get paid big bucks, the government is the only one who feels it.