Feb 27, 2007

He does care after all.

Brian has spent three months acting like he doesn't care what opinion I have of his hair. At least weekly I griped about his long and shaggy hair. I pleaded him to at least get a trim and "clean it up a bit." My friends all shared their opinions, most agreeing with me, some encouraging him by calling him Sawyer.

But finally, last night he came home for dinner with this.

He has adopted the Jack Bauer (24) hair style. I love it. I've always enjoyed a clean cut man.

I'm plugging away on Sizzle. The stockinette stitch really does get quite boring, especially when it is not in the round. However, I just think about the end result and keep on truckin'. I've decided to raise the neckline a bit. Is anyone else interested in making this pattern? Amber, it would look great on you!

(Back side)

I am holding strong on my stash-a-thon commitment. I tell you, though, I'm having a very hard time when I look at yarns like these. I have purchased laceweight from her before. Her yarn is beautiful and reasonably priced for hand dyed. I want it!!!

House update:
The floor man was out this weekend finalizing our stain choice.

We're going with traditional cherry (second row middle). The floors will be complete by the time we return from vacation. The bird left this morning to stay with the in-laws so his little lungs don't collapse from dust/fumes. I'm so excited to see how the floors change the appearance of our house. Woo-hoo!


Carrie said...

Tell Brian I think he new haircut makes him look way hotter!
Have a fabulous time in Mexico. Bring back some sunshine with you!

Amber said...

Ang- Love the Sizzle...you're definitely tempting me! I'm getting close to taking a job and can start soon or in two weeks...maybe I'll start in two weeks so that I can do some knitting before I start! :) Brian- love the hair. I too am much more a fan of the short hair on guys. It looks "awesome"

The Outlaw Kyle said...

Prettiest man I ever saw!

Last winter, I grew my hair and beard out. My brother said I looked like a hobo that someone gave nice clothes to.


Angie said...

I agree TOK, he's awful purdy.

Patty Ann said...

Great new hairstyle for Brian, it will be much easier in Mexico too. I always envy the men when we have to take so long doing our hair.
The stain color is going to look great on the floors, that is going to be so nice to come home to.
Remember sunscreen! This time of year you can burn awfully fast. Might even want to wear t-shirts snorkeling.

Brian said...

You definitely epitomized the Year of the Hobo. If I could only grow facial hair... if only.

patty said...

Love the choice of stain! Reminds me of another floor I've been around......

Yeah Bri with the hair. It's a "Jack" improvement for sure.

Squishy is relocating well. Does lots of singing but isn't too wild yet about venturing out of the cage. The cat is behaving - very well I must say. She first ran away from Squishy, now she just looks inquisitively at the cage. Squishy isn't as big as the birds nor the squirrels she watches from the window every morning. I'm just glad she's being a goooood kitty.

Watch out for those banditoes down there too! I've heard some very scary stories from different prior tourists. Although I did take the bus to Walmart almost every day during daylight hours and was perfectly fine. Love you two!

karl said...

What did he do? Shove a pillow under his sweater?

Kim said...

Have a great time on vacation!! I can't wait to see how pretty the floors look--but they won't look as good as Brian's new hair. Way to go, Brian!!

Who stains their wood floor green? Why do they have that sample?