Feb 20, 2007

Happy Paczki Day!

I have to recognize the Paczki today since it is such a yummy part of my Polish heritage. Take the chance to get fat today - it's the only day of the year that we have permission.

I know most of you expect a post on my day off, but unfortunately I don't have much time to be original today. The sun is shining in Holland and the snow is slowly melting. I am checking things off of my "to do" list slowly, including blocking my Clapotis wrap. I was lazy before and wore it without blocking, but decided I should see how nice it will look all spread out instead of curling over itself.

I have a volunteer event with the Youth Commonwealth tonight. We are going to have a scavenger hunt. I can still recall a scavenger hunt that my friend's older sister put together for her birthday party in the sixth grade. We were led all over the woods and farm. The final clue was a key, which opened a trunk absolutely full of candy. That was so awesome. I hope these kids remember this hunt just as well.

We had another samba lesson last night. It was a lot of fun, and a good work out. Brian also seemed to be having more fun with it. We learned a move called the copacabana. I liken it to a train chugging along. We will probably look pretty cheesy doing it at a wedding, but I guess ballroom is sort of cheesy anyway. Dancing with the Stars is starting soon!!


Patty Ann said...

No paczkis at our house today, still working on birthday cake.
I think they announce the new dancing with the stars contestants tomorrow morning. Can't wait.

Angie said...

I ended up eating a paczki after all - someone brought them for snacks at our volunteer event. It was delicious!

Chris said...

Ben and I just had our paczki dessert, I already want another. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Meagan said...

i had a couple of cupcakes... didn't want to mess with the lines at bakeries and figured i might as well have the calories one way or another.