Feb 21, 2007


I have started my Sizzle top. This yarn is the same I made my mom's Mother's Day sweater with. I think it will work out perfectly because it has a little sheen to it and the cotton will be light for summer wear. Patty Ann was right, the pattern claims it will take 3 days to make. I will agree that it may take 72 hours, but it will NOT be a casual three days of knitting. Well, since there are no sleeves, maybe it won't be quite as bad as I can imagine.

Has everyone seen the announcement for the Dancing with the Stars 4 cast? I don't know if I have a favorite. The former Miss USA is sure to be Brian's fave.

I did just read that Ashly Delgrosso is expecting her first child. I didn't even know she was married, but apparently she is - to a Dancing field producer. AND, Cheryl Burke is reportedly dating Joey Lawrence's younger brother, Matthew. No news on Mario and Karina.


Patty Ann said...

It looks like your stash has held up very well. Was that just for the month of February? The stitch on that sweater is really pretty.

Linda V said...

Heather Mills? How's that going to work?

Angie said...

Linda, did you see Brian's post?
Although so crude, it is also so funny.

Brian said...

It's going to work like this: heather mills is going to work with one of the guys and then, when she doesn't win, she's going to lash out at her partner, the hosts and sue the producers.

She'll do this because she's a total beeotch and opportunistic media whore.

Call her Eleanor Gimpy.