Feb 1, 2007

Green(ish) Thumb

This spring I am going to try my best at gardening - vegetable gardening that is.

I have visions of endless fresh salads, sauteed squash in a second, and biting into a beefy tomato like an apple. But I also have visions of little green worms on my broccoli, dried up brown plants, and squirrels taking off with my green peppers. At least I won't have too much invested if I fail...just my time, sweat, and patience. I have beans, peas, green peppers, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, broccoli and several kinds of lettuce. I have logically plotted out my garden and purchased a starter kit for the tomatoes and peppers.

Does anyone have any advice for me? (other than picking the squash before they're the size of a small child)


patty said...

Get some chicken wire and fence your garden in! That helps keep the rabbits away from what I can remember from our gardening days. Brocolli will always get worms! I had a hard time cooking it watching them climb to the top of the stalks! We canned billions of tomatoes and I have the pressure cooker canner if you should get so inclined. I even remember how to use it! Green beens (the plants) used to make my hands and arms break out with a rash! Don't forget the zucchini! Happy Gardening! Do you still need a book?! I think we still have one in our library.

Patty Ann said...

Yes, a fence is a good idea. Shouldn't be hard since you're planning this for the back 40. We usually buy the tomatoes already started, but you might have luck with seeds. My advise, get yourself good garden gloves. I double layer the cotton ones if a blister is starting. You're going to love going out to pick fresh things from your own yard.

Chris said...

I am with the Mothers. The little metal fencing that you can get in a roll from Meijer helped to keep the rabbits out and was also easy to put in the ground. We found out that if you put some mulch down before hand that really helped the garden (grass clippings and newspaper). You may have better soil than we do though. Also, invest in the sturdy tomato cages at Menard's, they worked great! I am not sure about tomatoes from seeds, we buy the plants started already too, we usually get one or two that doesn't give though. Just be ready to eat lots of tomatoes.

Meredith said...

Being the apartment dweller that I am, last summer I was really missing not having a yard. I came up with a small potted balcony garden with herbs and tomatoes. I was amazed how delicious and sweet the the small cherry tomato plant was that I planted. It yielded a ton of small cherry tomatoes (perfect for my salads!)and they were the sweetest I'd ever had. Even Adam decided that after a lifetime of disliking tomatoes, that suddenly he would eat them. Go for the cherry tomato plant! You won't be disappointed!