May 1, 2007


The Holland tulips welkom you with open petals. (And no, that's not a spelling error. Don't you know Dutch?)

The Tulip Festival starts this weekend and runs through Mother's Day, May 13th. Any guests are more than welcome. We always have a guest bedroom available. In honor of the festival, I pose a question. What's your favorite carnival food? Mine used to be the famed elephant ear. However, in "all" my wisdom, I didn't realize until about 2 years ago that the corndog was actually covered in cornbread. That is now my all-time favorite. I will search one out next weekend and I won't be pleased until it's coated with mustard and clutched like a popsicle in my fist.

As for my recent trivia question on poison - the answers are 3, 4, and 6. As one of my co-workers pointed out, I'm not going to ask the question unless the answers are shocking. Keep in mind, industrial strength bleach and household Clorox are not considered equal.

The weather is gloomy today, so instead of gardening, I'll be knitting. I started a new pair of Monkey socks with my Claudia Hand Painted Yarn from my last yarn purchasing binge. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the label. This is sport weight, not the normal fingering weight of yarn. Therefore, there is far less yardage in the skein. I got this far before I realized there was no way I'd get two socks. Can you hear the frog? Rip it, rip it.

Now I am working through a pair of ribbed ankle socks. Tell you what, other than being sport weight, this yarn is quickly moving to the top of my favorites list. It is utterly soft, but seems to have a durability that will hold up through the years. I completely recommend you buy some.


Patty Ann said...

3, 4 and 6! Do I still get to babysit the grandchildren? I won't have vicks vaporub within reach!

Everyone register on and vote for Apolo. The judges gave him the shaft last night. I know, you LIKE Joey and Ian. Joey did step it up.

The tulips look beautiful. I hope the thunderstorms don't destroy them.

JenPost said...

Whoa! Thanks for the trivia. For some reason I knew visine was no good, but I assumed mouse poison wasn't awesome either. You can never be too careful with little ones!!

We recently had an incident with hand sanitizer. Aerolyn got it all over her face and eyes. I called poison control after being prodded by my very protective husband. The guy at poison control said that only (and I quote) "mentally deficient" kids drink hand sanitizer, so we shouldn't worry.

I guess I was relieved to know my child wasn't "mentally deficient".
I should also add that I was somehow connected to a poison control center in California rather than Michigan.

P.S. we hope to attend Tulip time this year if weather permits. Last year, I was prego and Aerolyn was freezing!

brian said...

Last year's TT was redonkulously cold. Forecast looks really good this year for the parade. Jenny from the Block will be in the parade looking saucy in her clogs and traditional Dutch maiden attire.

Maybe she'll finally go out with me.

Carrie said...

I don't know if I could pick just one favorite carnival food. Its a tie between corndogs and funnel cakes!

The judges were SO unfair to Apolo last night. Both of his dances were AWESOME.

Patty Ann said...

I thought you didn't like democrats.
I hope you're all keeping up the 5K training.

Patty Ann said...

Thank you Carrie! Does Matt watch with you? Could he possibly give us the male perspective on the Apolo/Julianne attraction?
She is too young to be married. Aren't the Mormons the ones who came here on a space ship anyways?

brian said...

The Mormons didn't come here in any spaceship. That's just ridiculous.

John Smith saw the angel Gabriel in the forest, and the angel gave him some plates with a language on them that could only be translated by special "seeing" stones.

Mormons also really like jello and have the most comprehensive ancenstry database in the country.

I'm pissed at Hottie McGuv, because of her efforts to tax teh crap out of everything. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't get a beer with her.

Although, she probably drinks a finely-aged and sophisticated Canadian whiskey.

Patty Ann said...

Whoops, no that is Scientology.

Anonymous said...

I do so love a good funnel cake. Kettle corn is #2. Linda

Patty Ann said...

That and taking away $125 per pupil during the school year, which is already budgeted out. Scare tactics I tell you.
Best line in DWTS last night:
"This means we've had too much tequila". Well enjoy the tulips and the corndogs, and beer.