Apr 3, 2008

Bad Days

Today I woke up with a chip on my shoulder and couldn't quite shake it. Work was long and hard....also full of people needing an antibiotic after sore throat for 2 days because they're leaving for Aruba, no make it Cancun, or a cruise...tomorrow. At the end of the day I received a thank you card, unlike anything I have ever been given before. This was a card from a mother, thanking me for saving their daughter's life. Their daughter is an adult, but as her mother said, her life "just as precious" as a child. I don't know if I'll ever get anything so magnificent again, but I hope I do, because that is what this job is all about. The rewards are few and far between, but really mean a lot.

Then I come home to this face that I love so much, exhausted after a day at "camp." I can't wait til the day I can come home to my own child's face.


Amber said...

What an awesome honor Angie. You deserved thanks it sounds like. It is so nice to receive thanks. We should all do it more often. Maggie is SO cute!

Patty Ann said...

How wonderful that the mother took the time to acknowledge you in making a difference. I'm sure there are many others who you have influenced in a positive way.

I'm not surprised how quickly Maggie goes to sleep after camp bow wow.

mamie said...

Oh just reading this blog makes me a little homesick even though we are both having a fantastic time!!

Congratulations on the much deserved and belated KUDOS!! Glad it raised your spirits.

Give Mags a big BIG hug from pappie and mamie. WE send hugs to you too!! See you soon!