Apr 19, 2008

Wild and crazy

I doubt many of you had a Friday night as wild as mine. I mean, think back to our young and rebellious college days, keg stands at fraternity parties and all that.

I went to a late night yarn party with three fellow Lakeshore Knitters from Ravelry, Hyjinx, BammerKT and CoggieTM. City Knitting in East GR was the host. There were about 40 knitters there, most people in their 30s. (So, no Jill, the average age was not 70!) In fact, there were even children there finger knitting, taking polls on our favorite ice cream flavors, and showing off their own hand made Remy (chef's hat included).

We had wine, coffee and chocolate to share. I met some spinners and dyers as well. I picked up a couple of bags of roving, because what would I do if I ran out of stuff to spin?!

There is another LNYP on June 20th - I'd love to go back.


Amber said...

How fun! I would have come with you for sure!

Meagank7 said...

funny you say friday nights and keg stands. i did my first keg stand at a work party friday night. yeah, WORK party of all places... but usually i'm sitting on my butt cross-stitching on weekend nights (like last night) so at least it was a social knitting event :)

Angie said...

Meagan, I hope you were at least wearing pants....and your boss wasn't there.
If you would just try knitting - you could find a knitting group in your area to get together with. I've made a lot of great new friends from knitting groups. Or maybe just crash a group and take your cross-stitch with you.