Apr 6, 2008

Weekend in review

What a gorgeous weekend!! I've been dreaming of weather like this for so long. Brian and I took advantage of the weather by raking the yard, planting seeds, trimming the trees, cleaning windows, and installing Maggie's new dog run. She now has full range of the back yard and loves it. We love it too because she enjoys staying outside for longer periods of time. Of course, more time outside = a very dirty pup, but bath time goes smoother now that we line the tub with peanut butter.

I loved sitting in the warmth of the sun and spinning some bright orange/yellow wool. I'm getting better at spinning a finer gauge. This fiber feels pretty scratchy right now, so I hope it softens after a good soak. I also finished my pink shawl. I still have to block it and am crossing my fingers it comes out to the perfect size.

Someone else seemed to enjoy sun sitting in the warmth of the sun, too. Yes, she's still breathing. The dog park just sucked the life from her.

And lastly - thanks to Brian for cooking a delicious dinner Saturday. He made chicken-fajita tostadas from this month's issue of Everyday Food. Yum.

Now he's off on a business trip - so I'm having a wild and crazy Sunday night of my own. By wild and crazy, I mean knitting, clipping coupons, and watching Desperate Housewives. Perhaps I'm stretching the meaning of the phrase.


Patty Ann said...

It was a great weekend to do yard cleanup. We're not quite done with ours but got a good start.
The shawl is beautiful. I can't believe it's done already.
Did you tivo the Oprah about puppy mills? Tear jerker episode.

Angie said...

Actually, I'm blogging about Oprah for my next post.

Anonymous said...

Angie, Please post a picture of the shawl wrapped around your shoulders. I'm sure it will look beautiful. I'm so impressed with your spinning!! Linda