Apr 15, 2008

Birthday treat

Meredith sent me some yarny goodness for my birthday that I would love to share with you all -
When I talked to Meredith later about the gift, she told me how brave she was to enter a yarn shop near her house, "Ewe to You Yarns." She didn't know what she was looking for or how much to buy, but she used her stylish intuition and did an excellent job!

Now I haven't run into this yarn at my LYS, but I'm loving it! The pattern book and yarn reminds me very much of some more yarn I love, Debbie Bliss. This is Sublime, an organic cotton. It comes from England and contains 120 yds to 50 grams.

Then pattern book is full of timeless understated projects for all ages. I had no problem picking out a child's pattern to make with my three balls of grey yarn. I am making "Quaker." I've already finished the back and am zipping up the left front. I hope to finish it this week as I have several knit nights planned, including a Late Night Yarn Party at City Knitting.

Thank you very much Meredith!


Jacqueline said...

What beautiful colors! I think your next career could be owning your own yarn shop. How fun would that be?! With your love of entertaining you could host "All-Night Yarn Parties," "Stitching for Beginners," "Spinning Wheel 101" the list goes on and on! If it was in Holland it could be called "Lakeside Knitter!"

Jacqueline said...

Oh! And Maggie could frolick around the store modeling your latest puppy projects =)

Amber said...

Wow Meredith! Great work!!! I'm very impressed!

mamie said...

I really like Jacq's ideas! I think you'd be a natural at it! You could dictate your own hours, lots of women would like to pick up random hours even help you manage so you wouldn't have to work all the time, weekends free and get great employee discouts on yarn and products at the same time. It's really something to think about!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked and could use what I found. I can't wait to see your finished project. Enjoy!