Apr 15, 2008

It's a family affair

Saturday, May 10th, is the annual River Bank Run. Last year was my very first race and 5K. I love love loved it. But I kind of hated the training. This year, Brian and my sister, Meagan, are going on to bigger and better things. They are running the 25K together. I'm very proud of them.

Rather than wait on the sidelines, my mother and I will be doing the 5K walk. I encourage others to join us. Registration is $18 and can be done on-line. Strollers are allowed....and I'm still trying to figure out about dogs (although Maggie would be way over-excited in this crowd). My mother and I will probably enjoy knitting, complementary shoulder massages, and beer at the post-race party while Meagan and Brian are still huffing and puffing through yonder.


Meagank7 said...

ah yes, and you better save us some beers cuz we'll be thirsty when we cross that finish line about 3 hours later... :)

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I don't plan on strolling. I've ramped up my training at the Y. I don't want my name on the results next to a pitiful time.

Rachael said...

Michelob Ultra's...It's the official sponsor!! :) I would love to maybe walk in the 5K if they allow doggies!! I didn't now they had a walk too!! I've attempted to train for the 5K in the past and I'm obviously NOT a runner. Good luck to Brian and your sis :)