Apr 28, 2008

What a great weekend!

I had such an eventful weekend - every moment very rewarding.

Saturday we drove out to Detroit for a wedding. The groom went to high school with Brian. Driving down I-96 gave me a perfect excuse to stop by the Spinning Loft in Howell, MI. I got just a little bit lost after Google maps directed me to their old location. But a nice lady down that private country road directed me to the new location. I had the chance to sit down and treadle as well as spin at several different wheels. I already had a favorite in mind, the Kromski Sonata. It travels well (even with it's own backpack) and can spin several different weights of yarn.

There really is nothing bad about this wheel, other than the price, which is still reasonable relative to other wheels. I can't wait!

After that, we met up with my good friends Kim and Gary. They were gracious enough to host us for the night, as well as our wild puppy. Maggie got along splendidly with their two dogs, Frodo and Pippin. So splendidly, in fact, that Frodo attempted to make love to her face, her bum, and even missionary style! I didn't get any pics of that, but word has it Kim took video.

Aren't they cute??

Sunday Brian departed for a work conference in Chicago. I headed up north a bit more to meet the newest addition to my family, my little nephew Amos. At 5 days old, he doesn't do much more than breastfeed, poop and cry, but he's sure cute when he's doing it. Of course, I got plenty of pictures.

He's a beautiful baby...and so teeny! I hope to see him again before he triples in size. Uncle Brian still needs to meet him too. I'm convinced Brian will be the "fun" uncle. Or maybe just funny looking.
Now I'm home - watching the romance and drama on DWTS. Christian, what did you do to your elbow?!


Patty Ann said...

Cute pix of Amos. He's a week old now. I read some passages of a book on healthy sleep for babies and we're picking up on cues now to know when he just needs to lie down.

Kim said...

Our dogs were SO worn out from playing with their new friend Maggie!! Frodo, especially, was super tired from his "romantic" day. We only let him go at it because ANGIE suggested that maybe if we just let him show his dominance, that he would stop. Not the case at all. They DID search the whole house all day looking for her after you guys left like I told you they would.

Congratulations, Chris and Ben!! Amos is a little cutie.

mamie said...

Oh what a cutie! Ang, you're a natural holding that baby in your arms!