Jun 25, 2006


I had a great idea this weekend and would like to take a poll.
I was listening to the annoying icecream truck make another endless round about the neighborhood (btw, that's not our neighborhood above, I only wish our lawn looked that good). The bad thing about this truck is that every so often the music pauses and a little girl's voice shouts "Hello?" That's right, like it's a question. Like "Why aren't you coming out to buy my delicious ice cream?"

I've decided to start a new business. I want an iced coffee truck! I would get to that truck in a heartbeat if it had iced coffee. However, my question is - what song should it play?

What's your vote?
1) Copacabana
2) Ice Ice Baby
3) I'm Too Sexy
4) Sarah McLachlan's "Icecream"

Today I've been busy getting high...off of paint fumes that is. I've decided I can't possibly move my kitchen stuff in without doing something about the drawers. When we looked at the house (before buying) we were like "wow, those cupboards are all brand new!" Correction, the facing on the cupboards was new. However, those drawers don't stand a chance against me and a can of spray paint. Here's a before and after. Well I got it backwards in the picture, so I suppose it's an after and before.

Tonight we're headed to a Michael Buble concert with the Burches. Should be awesome!!! I'll make sure to give a full report.


Kim said...

You know what I hate? The ice cream trucks around here play that song that somehow I think is "the skunk's hole" song (some kiddie cartoon from the 80's I think), but this version is kinda rappy and goes chh chh. I know you have no idea what I am talking about, but if I could insert an audio file, I'd sing it for you and you'd laugh at me.

All of your house work is looking good. Don't you love other people's kitchen cabinets and other people's dirt? Honestly, my dirt doesn't gross me out the way other people's dirt does.

Meagan said...

michael buble?? i'm a little on the jealous side, i must admit.

Angie said...

well of course, my dirt is clean and theirs is infested with bacteria.

Matt Stratton said...

Copacabana. No contest.

Or maybe "Jave Jive".

I'm so torn.

patty ann said...

I would have never guessed the old cabinets were refaced. Your paint job really perked up the drawers though. Lucky it's summertime and you can work outside with them.

The local newspaper had a couple of iced coffee recipes. I'll save them for you. I think it would be kind of sad if the ice cream truck didn't come by, it's such a tradition.

I'm sure Michael Buble'was great. Dad has tickets to Blue Oyster Cult tonight, I think we're going to pass, it's way out in Clarkston. They should use MIS for concerts, that would be nice.

patty said...

I like Ice, Ice, Baby since you want to sell Iced coffee. I have a thing in the summer for iced mochafrappachinos, that is until my stomach revolts from all the acid that it creates!

At least you haven't found mice droppings around that house!

Do you think "Kitchens by Katey" made an appearance with the former owners? What surprises you're finding!!! It's like a "Pandora's Box!"