Jun 13, 2006

Flag Day

Today was a pretty good day. I spent several hours over at the house washing walls and cleaning up the outdoors. My sister, Chris, will be pleased to hear that there are millions of helicopters in our yard from the maple tree. I assume they are left over from last year. Maybe I should make some helicopter-mud pies like we used to when we were younger. I left the flower/weed alone, but pulled up a lot of other weeds. The most amusing moment of the day, I was playing around with the janky underground sprinkler and discovered that the robins like to play under the sprinkler for a little mid afternoon shower. There were about 5 of them hopping around.

This evening I checked out the "Concerts in Kollen Park." I wasn't sure what to expect....turns out I was about 1 of 5 people under the age of 50. The concert is put on by the American Legion band.

What else did I have in common with the senior citizens, you ask?

I was knitting. I think I'm going to like being old.

All in all, the concert was nice. They played a lot of patriotic songs because of Flag Day, but also did a "Hello Dolly" medley that took me back to the days of Adrian's Croswell Opera House.

Amber, get going on your sock. I've got one done! Don't worry, I'll work on something else for a bit before I do the second. I have a little "second sock syndrome" going on anyway.

Well, don't expect any posts for the next few days. I'm going to a medical conference in Chicago until Saturday. I'll have plenty of time to knit during the lectures, so I'll post some pics when I get back. If you need a blog to read in the meantime - check out action-squad.com. I'll miss you all!


patty ann said...

I heard on WJR the maples seed really heavy the spring after a drought. It's a survival mechanism. Maybe it won't be too bad next spring.
I love outdoor concerts, especially where the music really gets your toes tapping. Wondering if this is a midwest phenomenon? Similar to classic car night at Burger King. Do Californians take their classic cars over to Burger King once a week, pop open the hood, and sit next to their car in lawn chairs? I think not.
The Kool-aid dyed yarn socks are the best yet. Really nice pattern.

Michelle said...

As a member of a weekly-concert-in-the-park band, let me say that it is greatly appreciated when somebody under 50 shows up! Plus, I'm sure it makes my husband feel better about having to be "supportive".

Shari said...

I am working on my socks also and they are turning out great! I have a hard time working on them as I am supposed to be finishing Nolan's baby sweater before he out grows it. I will send a picture soon! Angie good luck with the house it will be lots of fun

Chris said...

Aren't the helicopters fun, then you get to start pulling up maple tree weeds...I forgot all about the mud pies we made, the goods 'ol days. I think Patty Ann needs to come to both of our houses to help get our gardens in order, I am having problems figuring out what to plant. The house looks great from the pictures you have and I am guessing that may not be a weed too. I can't wait to come out!!!

patty ann said...

Yes that sure does look like a hollyhock, in which case KEEP it, it will be very pretty.
Seems like you have a Steel Magnolias type garden there, all shades of pink.

Kim said...

You ARE going to make a great old person, sitting in the nursing home, getting the other old ladies to gossip with you while you knit, then all going to church.

The house will be a blast--I meant to call you this weekend and we could both bask in the fact that we have no more free time because we have house projects to do, but I didn't get around to it--we GUTTED the kitchen. It's insane. How did the carpet quote go? My new dishwasher is gorgeous but not yet hooked up. (Angie and I were both home last Tuesday waiting for the carpet guys or the delivery guys--how grown up are we?)