Jun 6, 2006

Top Ten Places I'd Knit

In response to my mother's comment, I have come up with my list of the top ten places I would love to knit. I hope you will all join me and let me know your picks.

1) While sipping coffee near the Eiffel Tower
2) On a hillside in Ireland
3) During church (I'm always afraid I'll insult the priest)
4) At a Detroit Tigers game, while sipping keg beer
5) At "Purl" in NYC, a hip knitting store I read about on The Blue Blog
6) During a supreme court session (alas, no knitting needles allowed, I tried it once)
7) Next to a campfire at Yellowstone Park
8) Next to a waterfall, and not a cheesy waterfall like Niagra, a peaceful one in the wilderness
9) While sipping a pina colada on a cruise in the Caribbean
10) With the Yarn Harlot


patty ann said...

Great list. I can see you knitting in Paris. hahaha. Poor Brian must be rolling his eyes.

patty said...

I like the list, particularly in Ireland which is one of my big picks! Don't rule out Paris for one of the big anniversaries - 10th, 25th, etc!

patty ann said...

It occurred to me that if you ordered plain coffee in Paris, they would know you're not french. Definitely cappacino in Paris. Or espresso.
And what's cheesy about Niagara Falls? Too touristy?

brian said...

I'm all about all of those places, especially Paris, which would rule. But it would require beaucoup $$.

Paris is pricey.

Amber said...

Okay...I thought of my list...in random order though
1. while reading (this is pretty near impossible, but if it were it would be ideal for me)
2. in a hammock on the beach in Hawaii (again, this could be tricky)
3. in a coffee shop anywhere
4. while camping in the mountains in Idaho
5. at a knitting class learning to knit something cool
6. on the dock in Palm Island, FL
7. by a fire in my Alaskan dream home
8. on a raft in a pool (could be dangerous if dropped the knitting or fell in)
9. with my mom or Angie or any other knitting friends
10. in Spain drinking wine on a plaza and people watching

Angie said...

I think the floating raft one sounds rather dangerous, but love the Spain idea. Just remember, if you're drinking wine, you better be doing stockinette stitch.

Kim said...

You guys crack me up. I think you all need to make another, ongoing list of unusual places you have knitted...like in a 22 person limo, on a car ferry, just to name a few.

Shari said...

My list of places to knit goes like this-
1. On Palm Island on the dock with Amber
2. On our fishing boat with Tom & our dog.
3. Hanging out with Joe in Phoenix at a sports bar
4. Knitting with Amber & Angie anywhere
5. On the beach in Hawaii having a drink out of a coconut