Jun 25, 2006

What a stud

Apparently Nolan loves his new socks and even sent me an e-mail to say so. He told me he loves to wear and eat them. I'm glad they fit and hope he'll at least get a good month out of them before he's too big!

If you wonder what's been going in Holland, well - I'll just tell you.

Of course, a lot of work on the house.
We put up our first real paint color - we're trying it out for a few days before we go too far. This is our bedroom color.

We had our first adventures in carpet removal.

My back is screaming after 1 1/2 hours of yanking staples out of the floor. We're pretty thrilled how it turned out. We just can't figure out how to get the deep staples from the periphery up....any suggestions? Our needle nose pliers weren't working and the hammer was too big to wedge in.

And we installed our rail on the upstairs walk-out. Allstate was very concerned that someone really would just walk on out.

For all of you who voted on weed or not a weed - you were right. It's not.

Now what's your vote for this one?

We did manage to take some time out for fun. We met up with our friends (dopplegangers) Roger and Luann for the winery open house at Fenn Valley. We had plenty o' wine and fun. It's always fun hanging out with those two because we have an insane amount of stuff in common....just to give you a few, Luann knits, they ballroom dance, Dave Ramsey, Roger sings, and they love to go to wineries. It's fate. And no, unlike David B. says, it's not like that Friends episode where Monica and Chandler meet a couple on their honeymoon and start stalking them.

Lastly, we went to the first annual Butternut Bash. My co-worker, Mary, has an awesome house on two acres. We played volleyball (well, I attempted to play until I got reamed out for trying to return a serve from the front line), we ate well, and I had a great time kicking Brian's a__ at flip cup. Go team!

I think that's about enough for now!!


patty ann said...

I think I would try a thin screwdriver to get under those staples and lift them. Otherwise, the floor looks wonderful. One of the best bonuses with vintage houses, really great wood floors.
The color on your bedroom wall looks great, I would imagine you could live with that color for a long time.
Glad you got in some R & R too.
Not much new here, I caught another large mouth bass, still hold the fishing record. Two bullfrogs moved into the pond.
I'm not sure what that plant is, I think you may as well let it flower, it doesn't look like a weed.

shari said...

Cute picture of Nolan! Your house looks great. I agree with the screwdriver idea on the floor as I had to do that on another house. It sounds like you are having fun fixing it up.
The socks are Regia yarn.
I just returned from Glen Lake up North- a fabulous yarn store up there. The owner was extremly nice and alot of fun. Check it out!!

brian said...

Roger and Luann gave us a huge selection of old tools this morning, including an estimated 20 screwdrivers of various size and colors.

Meaning: there's enough for friends to come over and help yank staples from the dining room and living room floors. nudge nudge, wink wink.

Meagan said...

i was considering coming out that way soon but it sounds like if i do, i'll be put to work... hm.... and question, when are you too old to drunk dial your parents? haha.

Angie said...

I think a drunk dial is fine until it's no longer funny...and I seem to remember you laughing.
Don't worry, we won't make you work the whole time, just until you earn your keep!

Meredith said...

That wood floor looks amazing! It kind of makes you wonder why it was covered up in the first place.

You and Brian are quite balanced, plenty of work and play. Sounds like fun... minus the back ache (:

Meredith said...

That wood floor looks amazing! It kind of makes you wonder why it was covered up in the first place.

You and Brian are quite balanced, plenty of work and play. Sounds like fun... minus the back ache (:

Angie said...

Don't let the picture deceive you too much - it's kind of like a Monet, looks great from far away. There are a few dings and the nail holes were never filled in - but with a little TLC (and a good size area rug) it will look just fine.

patty ann said...

Have you seen those area rugs that have two different types of yarns, some loopy and some straight? Very nice in person. You'll never notice small imperfections when the room is filled up, that gives the wood more character anyways.
Do you have the 4 day weekend coming up?

Kim said...

You'll see why Meredith and I are friends, because when I was reading your post, all I could think was "look at that GORGEOUS floor!! WHY on earth did they want carpet over it?"

I start my summer grad class tonight--I wish I knit and that it wasn't rude to knit in class, because I have serious issues sitting quietly for that long--THREE HOURS!!