Jun 22, 2006

Hopping Along

Due to the fact that I am too consumed by the house right now to find time to knit fascinating projects to post, I am going to share others' projects with you. Here is Shari's sock from our knit-a-long. The colors look great! What brand is that? It kind of reminds me of a KnitPicks colorline I've seen.

Not too much new to say about the house today. I spent yesterday scraping flourescent orange paint off the moldings (who paints a room that kind of orange?!), only to decide that moldings aren't too expensive and we're probably better off tearing them off and replacing them eventually. I'm sure that will make life a lot easier for the carpet guys too. No final decisions have been made yet, but boy I'd love to do some demolition!

Brian and I are thinking about doing this next week....

The red thread project will connect over a thousand people with home knit hats. The performance is going to be a demonstration regarding the connection of humans in which we will each wear a hat and then make movements in unison. The hats will eventually be donated to cancer patients.

By the way, TGIF! I could use a Corona! My boss took this week off and got the thrill of having all the responsibility for a week. I'm more than happy to hand that right back to him on Monday. There's a reason I am proud to be an assistant. I don't need the stress and tears of being the top of the work pyramid.


patty ann said...

Nice job on the sock, Shari. Great colors. I'll have to learn how to do that before I have any grandchildren.
Flourescent orange? Must have let the children choose the colors.
Looks like a beautiful weekend. Don't be too "consumed" with the house during the summer months. Like they say, take time to smell the roses.

patty said...

David has a hat to wear on the 30th that he crocheted with Isaac!!, but alas, he won't be home until, maybe, Saturday. I will be hopefully lounging at the lake with something in my hand along with Aunt Mary, on my limited vacation over the 4th. I'm hoping to move my afternoon DR. appt to the AM so that I can truly enjoy the day.

The Doc trusts you implicitly to trust you with his office. Kudos Ang!!! Make sure Brian cracks you a Corona with lime or at least opens a bottle of wine from your collection. You've earned it!

TGIF!!! My feet are ready to enjoy those sentiments by being horizontal!

Your grandpa Coe has LOTS of experience with painting and woodworking. If you need any help, I'm sure he'd love to give you a piece of his years of experience. Warning, he likes unusual colors similar to the orange bedroom, but VERY good with wood!

I agree with Patty Ann and take time to smell the roses!!!

Carrie said...

Hi Ang! Wow, the floor looks great. I can't wait to see the place. You should check out Matt's friend Cindy's blog. I think you'd enjoy it.

Angie said...