Jun 12, 2006

It's just the start...

We took the keys to our house tonight and finally got in to begin our work and renovations. A few surprises, apparently the range hood/microwave, washer/dryer were not included. On every other house we looked at the rules were anything that was bolted down stayed, and they would specify if the washer/dryer stayed. She specified that she was taking the oven, but didn't bother to mention the washer/dryer. So now we have to do a little battle to get money for the range and the realtor says the W/D is his fault, so he'll help us buy those. I feel bad hitting our realtor up for money because he's a great guy, but this was not our screw-up.
At any rate, I wanted to share a few perks. First, the wonderful rose bushes alongside the house. They climb all the way to the roof!

Some mini roses in the backyard....don't mind the trash, I picked that all up later.

A few toys I found amidst the flowers...lots of boys lived in this house. I also found a number of bottlecaps. God help me if I ever have all boys.

Brian and I celebrated by drinking some champagne - Sophia blanc de blanc from the Francis Ford Coppola line.

The house is definitely a "fixer upper." But it gives us something productive to do and we're thrilled to take on the challenge. We just wish we could do everything at once. We peeled up the downstairs carpet and the wood floors look great, so we're excited for that.

Otherwise, I think I have a new game for my blog. As we all know, I'm not a master gardener. I need Patty Ann to come out and give me some advice. The game is called "Weed or not a weed?" What's your vote?


Amber said...

Um...not a weed?? I think we had one of these in our house in Idaho and I thought it was super ugly so I pulled it up (which was very difficult). It really is a flower I think. Still gauging my sock, so nothing to report on that yet. I need to finish up with that so I can at least start the sock!

patty ann said...

The leaves are similar to heuchera, commonly called coral bells, but they don't grow quite as upright as that. Could also be from the geranium family. I agree with Amber, probably not a weed but if you don't like it, rip it out. Make room for your tulip bulbs.
Didn't know champagne came in cans. I bet the action-squad guys are thrilled you found action figures in the backyard. Probably a good omen.
Your house looks like a much lived-in and loved house, which is a wonderful thing.

Kim said...

Do you have a gardening book yet? NO ONE buy her one--I have a great one to bring you as a housewarming gift--it's the Better Homes and Gardens new garden book. I love it! It's a big encyclopedia of plants. You can look up absolutely anything and it tells you if it will grow well in your area and how not to kill it. I take mine with me when I buy plants!

That being said, it's hard to identify your plant using my book. I'm voting not a weed--wait a year and decide if you like it or if you want to rip the sucker out and replant something you CAN identify.

patty said...

Sounds like you've had a few surprises from this new home. Oh well, it'll make the next few months exciting. You can always bargain for some good appliance deals! But it's a shame they've goofed up in two different situations. What did Tim H call it, the "money pit?" It's always nice to have things nice and clean and sparkling too!

Love the climbing roses!!!!! I want some of those. Patty Ann will have a good time spreading her green thumb over there! That almost looks like a religious statue lying on the ground. Unless Action squad came out with their own for Rev Dave!?

Have Brian take a good whiff of that plant and see if he sneezes!

Angie said...

Ooh, I'm excited for the book Kim. Just to let you all know, there is an open invitation for anyone to come out for painting!! As fun as it is, I am starting to feel a little intimidated by the task ahead of us.

Shari said...

Maybe if is a holly hock? That is my guess- We will all have to wait and see if it flowers.

patty said...

Brian should get out his trusty Scout Handbook to see if he can spot the name of the plant!!! I nearly forgot we also have that resource to glean from. And there's also the BIG Scout of them all!