Jun 29, 2006

We all scream for icecream.

I came home today to find these in the mail!

I know the pic is a little blurry, but they're my new awesome stitchmarkers from Good to be Girl. I've been waiting months for her to get her shop up and running on her blog. Then, one magical day, I entered it by accident before she even advertised the opening. I encourage you all to get there and buy some before it's too late. Besides the chicks and i.c. cones, she has bluebirds (very cute), snowmen (her logo), and peas in a pod.

As for the house, I'm pissed at the house tonight. We did this last night...

only for me to go back tonight and find that the quart I used to cut in the edges in this room and the "bonus" room is slightly darker than the gallon Brian was rolling with. I figured this out after I ripped down the tape too. Argh! Two steps forward, one step back.

As for my report on Michael Buble (in case you didn't read Greedo's at action-squad.com)....it was awwwesome! He is a delight - right down to his pocket square. I couldn't stop smiling when he first started to sing. He has such a rich voice and it just pours from him like chocolate syrup.

I wish we would've had closer seats, mostly because at one point he ran all the way to the back of the ground floor and hugged/kissed/shook hands with girls on the lower level. I'll have to remember that next time.

I'll leave you with a glance of one of my newly bloomed garden roses in the night. It's right by the driveway so I'm tempted to "stop and smell the roses" through my car window.

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patty ann said...

Sorry about your paint dilemna. The color is very nice though. What is the name?
I've never quite heard of a voice described as rich as chocolate syrup. Sounds like the show was really fun.
I am a little bummed that one of the roses I planted recently has bloomed and it's not what the tag said. Went back to the store and they have one there, same problem. I've never seen anything like that before. I suppose it's best to buy them with an open bloom so you know what you're getting.
Hope everyone has a fun 4th of July holiday!