Jun 7, 2006

Master of the Dance

Our fellow blogmate Linda just finished this beautiful Flower Basket shawl. I thought you would all enjoy it just as much as I did. Her daughter is modeling it for the camera phone.
Linda, you are such an inspiration! I hope you have a beautiful event to go to and wear your masterpiece. I can see you sitting in your back yard sipping ice tea with this shawl to warm your shoulders.


Linda said...

Angie, WOW!! I feel like a celebrity guest and am so honored. Wish the photo was of better quality but you know me and technology. The knitting of lace was a new experience for me and one I thoroughly enjoyed. You will have to give it a go.

patty ann said...

Linda, that shawl is incredible. I hope you do have somewhere fabulous to go for it's maiden voyage.