Nov 28, 2006

Happy 100th!

Can you believe you have read through 100 mindless posts from the Lakeside Knitter today? I always knew I had an infinite talent for talking about knitting! Thank you to everyone for still reading and commenting. The more comments the better. I'm having a lot of fun with the blog still - It's like a diary for an adult.

Currently I'm working on another hand towel from Mason*Dixon Knitting. This is for my Grandma K. It's coming out nicely - but I'm quite ready to be done with it. I would like to have a little extra time to make something for my Secret Santa exchange at work.

Other events:
Brian and I picked up our free Christmas tree this weekends, all thanks to Woodland Realty (now Coldwell Banker).

Picking a tree out of a lot is not quite as fantastic as cutting it down yourself. We went with a blue spruce. Brian hates the sharpness of the needles, but I don't think the firs and pines are strong enough to hold our ornaments. I thoroughly enjoyed the petting zoo. It all but made up for the trees. Fortunately my fingers are all still intact.

I'm trying to work up the guts to go to my local yarn store today and get help on the elf slippers I'm working on. I wish I had Linda to help me instead!

Tonight we're going to the Lighting Parade downtown. Expect more pics soon.


patty ann said...

That petting zoo picture reminds me of Charlotte's Web. I can't wait for that movie!
You can't really go wrong with a spruce tree. It's going to look wonderful in your front room.
It's hard to believe you've had 100 posts. Wow.

brian said...

Con-smang-ulations!!! 100 posts in less than a year. You might be a more dedicated blogger than even myself.

I said "might."

Amber said...

Happy posting! So glad you are a blogger...I look forward to reading it every day!

Linda V said...

Angie, Have to say that I really enjoy the blog.Thanks for sharing your life and good times with us. Did you want to take a sheep home from the petting zoo for a living yarn stash? Looks like they might need a llama there and I would be more than willing to donate Snoopy.What's wrong with the elf slippers? Hey, I heard back from the Knit Fix lady. She told me just to sew up the hole.Not what I expected her to say.

patty said...

I think you will really enjoy that tree. Brian, Jenny and Dick (Hyatt) always had 2 blue spruces in their home decorated to the NINES! She always went all out, but I remember those beautiful spruce trees as a standout. I know yours will be too. Let us know when we can come over and admire yours. Dad said he'd help me "build" ours today. What a champ!

Your concert last night wasn't cancelled! I didn't remember it until I saw it on the ticker on the tv screen. I had wanted to go but it's been a tiring week with the funeral and all. Hope it was excellent!

Meredith said...

I love a good spruce and the color can't be beat! Adam and I went to cut one with my family this year. My mom always leans towards the Frasier Fur, specifically because the needles are soft. They still have the spruce look, though.

Thanks for all of the posts! I do try to read them, even if I can't always respond!

Angie said...

Your welcome all, I'm just happy to have readers who are interested!