Dec 2, 2006

Writer's Block

Sorry I'm slow on posts this week. The lighting parade was fairly lame on Tuesday. This was my only decent picture.

Semis and trucks were all decorated with lights. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes. It would have been more fun if I was allowed to dive for the candy like all of the children.

Last night was Brian's advent concert at church. As a whole, they sounded nice. There was also a bell choir. However, the solos left something to be desired. I swear, one girl sounded exactly like the sister, Lisa, on Dirty Dancing. If anyone can remember the lyrics to that lame song she sings in the final show, please remind me because it's really bugging me. I remember she was dressed in hula.

Amber and I are in a Christmas Gift KAL. Here's her first finished gift. She's making washcloths for a set of triplets with their first initial on them. Only a speech therapist/mom would think of this!

for those out there trying to figure out what to buy that knitter on your Christmas list (hint hint).
Here's a holiday gift guide.


patty said...

The line goes, "Whose this hula honey from comeon I wanna hula bay?" And she was purposefully bad!

Sorry we missed the advent concert. I wanted to go to start off the Advent season. Work just won't cooperate on Fridays for me. I'm rarely out on time. This next Friday is the Holy Day and Our Lady is having Mass at 6P! Another one I'll miss. Oh well.

Shari said...

Cute Wash cloth Amber! Can't wait to see you! And thanks Angie for all your inspiration!