Aug 12, 2007

Another Fun Weekend

Where has time gone? Brian and I had an action-packed weekend. Friday we tried out a new-to-us restaurant in Holland, Thai Kitchen. It's been a while since I've enjoyed one of my favorite dishes, Chicken Pad Thai. It was good, but I wish a little spicier. Unfortunately, they didn't have crab rangoons, but they had some mini egg rolls that kicked ass. We also saw the new Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix.

I enjoyed the movie, but was very upset about how much of the book they cut out. The cut out a major storyline for Hagrid and Ron's venture in Quidditch, amongst other things. Brian and I both agreed they could've tacked on a 1/2 hour and no one would have minded. I loved every scene with Luna Lovegood - the inflection in her voice was hilarious! I thought Dolores Umbridge was quite well played, too. I could have enjoyed the movie even more had it not been for the teenager behind me that insisted on narrating everything to his Potter-naive friend. We actually had to get up and move seats. At the end of the movie I came face to face with the culprit, prepared to give him a dirty look, and then realized he was one of my patients. He said "Hey, aren't you my doctor?!" I just said "Yup" and continued on.  It was amusing to run into him because I talked to him about Harry Potter the last time I saw him in the office.

Saturday we had a wedding for Brian's cousin, but we did find time to walk to the farmer's market in the morning. We picked up some great peaches, basil, spinach, potatoes, onions, strawberries, and focaccia bread. I also nabbed a pickle recipe and am going to try it out this Tuesday.

The wedding was beautiful as weddings typically are. I am happy for the bride and groom. They're a sweet couple and have a lot of fun together.

Two things I also love about weddings, cake and dancing. It was too bad that the reception site did not have a/c, so we were a little too hot and sticky for much dancing. Maybe next time.
Here's a new pic of my brother-in-law with his girlfriend. She's a little too cute - makes me feel like a plain Jane. I'm easily intimidated by beautiful women. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I'm sure we'll get to know each other better with time. She definitely knows how to take a good picture. (He's quite smitten with her, if you can't tell by the photo.)

Today (if you're still reading!), I spent a little time slicing and freezing peaches along with making another chocolate zucchini cake (gotta find a way to use up all this zucchini). I've learned my lesson about how to properly scald and peel peaches, as well as freezing them first on a cookie sheet before lumping them together in a bag.

We had enough time left in the day to go to Lake Michigan for a little swimming and relaxation. The water was the warmest I've felt all season!

What did you do this weekend?


3girlmommy said...

Hey Angie. Sounds like a very busy and fun weekend. We just enjoyed NOT being on vacation this weekend (plus a trip to the farmers market)Sounds like things are going great in Holland

The Outlaw Kyle said...

Angie, you are anything but plain.

Carrie said...

Hey Ang! Sounds like a fun weekend! Matt and I went on a fun canoe trip on Saturday and went to see Hairspray on Sunday. You HAVE to see it! You'll love it.

I made the chocolate zucchini cake too! It was a big hit....I had a piece w/coffee for breakfast this morning. Yum! Think next time I might try to make it in a bundt pan to make it look prettier. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

It was a fun weekend, and Chuck and I were so thrilled to have all our wonderful kids together again. Ang, you're gorgeous! Anyway, it's what's on the inside that counts as much as the outside. All the women Chuck and I have been blessed with coupling with our sons have been like brilliant jewels adding color, sparkle, grace, charm, and originality that we find no comparison at all. Just another incredible piece to complete our family puzzle. WE feel most honored to say the least.

It was one heck of a good party. To have Mary in tears at her house looking at all the gorgeous children before us, Jim so amazed at how handsome and beautiful everyone was. Chuck as pleased and proud to realize what great matches our sons have - it was almost overwhelming. We have one lovely, gorgeous family!

AND, anytime you want to share some of that chocolate zucchini cake, feel free. Sounds quite yummy to me. Tomatoes are appreciated too!

Love, Patty