Aug 16, 2007

Pick of the Week #4

This week I'll move away from Meijer and enter Target. I appreciate clothes at Target more than any of their other products, but one day I happened upon some delicious meals. Who else has tried the Archer Farms products? They have several easy meals that border on gourmet, with names like fried polenta, mushroom cavatappi, and carbonara bucati.

These boxed meals are simple to make, and take basic added ingredients. On sale, I purchased each kit for only a couple of dollars. The nutritional content was surprisingly low in fat. The taste was rich, not over seasoned, but bold. And best of all...there was enough in the kit to supply lunch leftovers for the both of us.

Does anyone else have a favorite Archer Farms product? I think I'll try a frozen selection next time.


Kim said...

If anyone lives near a Greatlands Target (the ones with an expanded food section) you have to buy groceries there. It's not super convenient because you have to grocery shop at two stores, but their groceries are SUPER cheap every day.

Lean Cuisines/Smart Ones $1.88-$2.12

Breyer's Ice Cream $2.25 !!!

The cereal and power bars are also a steal!!

Bluewater Studio said...

Hi! Yes, we found these products also, and the few we tried were great. I almost forgot about them! Thanks for mentioning them! :) Sab