Aug 3, 2007

Just a few things

Summer is a busy time for me, as I'm sure it is for all of you. I have just a few things I wanted to share with everyone.

We had the baby shower for my co-worker Tuesday. I finally got to present her with the baby blanket I hinted about many moons ago.

I also made her a token strawberry hat, because what baby is complete without one?
We had a really nice time at the shower - and I had an excuse to practice another one of my cupcake recipes.

These are lemon poppyseed cupcakes. I love that they look like little butterflies. They were fairly cumbersome and difficult to make the wings if the cupcake doesn't rise enough. It was quite funny because I decided to just put a glob of the yellow custard on the ones that were too small. Later I realized they looked spot on for a fried egg. Dope.

Last night we finally made it downtown to see the Thursday night street performers.
This gargoyle was a little creepy. He would chase after you if you gave him a buck. Thanks but no thanks.

The highlight of the night was the trapeze artist. The group was from Kalamazoo, so they got my vote (and my cash) just for that. They did gymnastics, bull whip tricks, aerial stunts, and fire-eating! The funniest part was that they cracked so many raunchy jokes! Nevermind the children and conservative town! I'll quote a few of their jokes for you below.

"Guys, all girls bend like this. You just have to ask them nicely."

Set-up - this nice gentleman holds out a stalk of celery for the bull whip. Later he has to hold it between his legs, with his pelvis thrust out.
"Folks, if one of his body parts comes flying in to the audience, just bring it back to him. Maybe he'll autograph it for you....or just initial it."

"I'm wearing my +5 Hot Pants"

I'm off for a long weekend - and much knitting! My teddy bear was moving along smoothly but is now on hold as I ran out of yarn. He won't be nearly as cute with one ear and one arm. Have a great weekend!


Patty Ann said...

That baby blanket looks so soft and cozy. I'm sure baby will love it.
I think we did those pretzel bends in kick boxing this week. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Angie, Those lucious cupcakes look exacty like the picture in the recipe book! Linda