Aug 21, 2007

Michigan Fiber Festival

Our puppy has not come home yet, so until then, more knitting!
Saturday was my favorite weekend of the year - yarn yarn and more yarn at the Allegan County Fairgrounds. I arrived at the perfect time - they had just opened the gates and were letting in the early arrivals. This means I got first pick before the hoards of knitters flock in. I had plenty of time to roam around the vendors and see the animals. Linda came and joined me a little after 11.

The vendors were a little different this year. I found a new one I was quite pleased with, Shelridge Farms. I picked up 2 skeins of 100% wool that are so soft and machine washable! The color is Robin's Egg blue. I wish I would have had enough budget to buy enough for a baby blanket, but for now I'll settle with the two.

I also found a potter who makes bowls/plates/mugs decorated with sheep and yarn. Brian always says I have enough coffee mugs. I'll throw any one of them away to make room for this one. It's freakin' adorable (and microwave/dishwasher safe)!

My prize purchase was yarn from Briar Rose fibers.

I purchased 1000 yds of an alpaca/merino/silk blend in the colorway Wistful. It's really a nice blend of fall colors and looks even more impressive now that I've wound it into a yarn cake. I fully intend to use this in a Jo Sharp pattern for a bolero jacket.

I bought some more goodies, too, but don't want to give away future gifts that I have planned. Besides the yarn, I had a lot of fun watching the dogs herd sheep. They're very good about following commands from the sheep herder. Apparently they run 60 miles to his walking one, so they definitely make his life easy. They're goal is to keep the sheep close to the herder. They run around and around, following commands to go clockwise or ccw. Once the sheep start towards the herder, the dog flanks and makes another circle. The dog really despises the sheep and looks like he'd enjoy nothing more than sinking his teeth in their neck.



Meagank7 said...

wally has been "found"! i put up signs around randy's neighborhood and he got a call yesterday from one neighbor saying another neighbor that lives in dearborn and comes there on the weekend took him home with them. so hopefully they bring him back this weekend! those little kids aren't allowed to have him :(

Amber said...

Awesome mug and fiber. I am totally jealous of both! Did you buy birthday is coming up in a couple of months...hee hee!

Patty Ann said...

That is an adorable mug, I agree. Love the yarn, I'm sure you'll have that done quickly after Jane's winter know I still have pound puppies in the attic I think they look like her. (yes Brian my attic is a disaster area)...