Aug 6, 2007

Mini Vacay

I'm back from my weekend at Big Whitefish Lake.
We started the weekend with Jacqueline's wedding shower. This will be my first sister-in-law. She also comes from a family of three girls - marrying into a family of three boys. We're going to be a good support for eachother!

Jacqueline is the beauty donning the new apron - with a personalized embroidery job (great job Aunt Renee!).

We lounged around the cottage for the remainder of the weekend. We brought Squishy up and boy did he love it! He loved the company, the birds, and all of the potato chips. Bri got a chance to ski. He was a little annoyed by the waves, but he still did a great job.

I had ample opportunity to knit - and actually sped through all of the projects I brought with me.
I finished the Better than Booties baby socks. They turned out so cute. I didn't enjoy the short row toe, but the rest of the pattern was very clever. I think next time I'll just do my own traditional decreases.

I started and finished two baby hats with an umbrella edging (I can't remember what book they're from - oops!). These will be a gift from Carrie to her cousin's twin boys. The yarn is so soft. I think the babies (and mom) will love them.

And lastly - some baby booties from my Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar with leftover sock yarn.

What next?!

I came back earlier than intended today because it was quite overcast. As soon as Brian came to pick me up, the sun started to peek through. Oh well. Now I'm back at home "harvesting" our vegetables (we had our first red tomato) and catching up on chores. Back to work tomorrow.


brian said...

The dock is a good background for your project shots.

Kim said...

That is a great photo of Brian skiing. I think it would be a good photo for a "think of a caption" game.

The blue hat is too cute--I like the edges. You are too talented!

Angie said...

Hmmm, caption -
"I think I dropped my pocket back there."