Oct 7, 2007

Apples Galore

Well, last week was a hard week for me for personal reasons many of you know. But, I'm back on my A-game now...and A-game, in this case, stands for apples.
Brian and I took our annual trip to Crane's Orchard this Saturday. Somehow we ended up with about 33# of apples, including Jonagold, Gala, Mutsu?, and Empire.

(I know this photo is sideways, but since Brian updated iPhoto, I can't rotate the photos for the blog. It sucks!)

We decided to "splurge" and purchase one of those great apple peelers at Meijer, you know the kind that cores, slices and peels all at once. Boy did that make things so much easier! Within one day I had made three frozen apple crisps, three baked apple crisps, 3 frozen apple pie fillings, and one apple pie.

So, in case anyone wants to know what I'm bringing to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas, that would be applie pie! If I had the ability to make apple sauce (or the freezer space), that would be next on my list. We still have plenty of apples left over for snacking, too.
Other than that, we took Maggie hiking at the Sanctuary Woods Preserve.

I love this hike because there is a great view of Lake Michigan/Lake Macatawa. It's cool, wooded, and either not well known, or no one wants to climb the stairs. We'll go back soon, I hope.

Maggie also made a new friend, my boss' jack russell, Rudy. They are just the right size for eachother (for now) and thankfully, wore eachother out playing.


The Outlaw Kyle said...

My brother and I are in the process of making our own hard apple cider right now. Super easy: Cider + Yeast + Time = ~5% Alcohol Cider. MMMMM...good. Michigan in the fall rocks way harder then any other state. Take that you other 49!


Patty Ann said...

All those apple desserts sound so yummy! Applesauce is really easy. You could just use a potato masher. What incredible weather, the flowers are back to their August appearance.
I started the book "Marley and Me" about a labrador retriever. So far it's very cute. I think you would like it.

Jen said...

I work in Fennville and have yet to visit Cranes in the fall. Everyone raves about it. I was intending to bring my children on two different occasions now, but both times they became very sick over the weekend. Go figure.
Your dog is super cute btw. :)

Kim said...

Does your apple corer/slicer/peeler look like a big hand crank? That's the kind I have, and it's awesome. I love that the apple comes out in one huge spiral AND that all of the slices are exactly uniform.

Angie said...

Jen, it's not too late! There are still great apples for picking.
Kim, you're exactly right...it's the long crank style. I love it! I just wish it would suction cup a little better to the counter.