Oct 20, 2007

I call it the "Puppy Diet"

Being the hypochondriac that I am, I recently was thinking I either have an overactive thyroid gland or cancer, because despite my lack of gym visits, I am losing weight. (btw, I am not writing this post in any way to brag or to annoy those who are trying to lose weight, I just have found his occurrence amusing) So anyway, I have been preplexed about my increasing need to hike up my dress pants...until this Friday. I raced home on my lunch break in order to let Maggie out for her bathroom break and walk. I was late and my morning of patients was rather hellish. I quickly nuked some leftover spaghetti and meatballs, but only had time for about 4 bites before I had to attend to Maggie again, get her crated again and head back to work.
Finally I realized I am on a puppy diet! Maggie has caused me to lose significant lunch hour time (my FAVORITE meal of the day), take 2-3 walks/day, and lose my late night snack because she will not allow me to lay back and eat ice cream on the couch without shoving her face in the bowl.

So, for those who are working hard at trying to lose weight out there, let me know. Forget all of that marathon training and South Beaching. I'll let you puppy sit any time!


Amber said...

Count me in!!! I ran 9 miles on Thursday night and 4.5 miles today...you'd think that I would be having to hike up my pants, but no such luck. Maybe I can convince Mitch to buy me a puppy!

mamins said...

Oh Ang, that does make sense! You still look very healthy anyway. I wish I had that problem instead of the UNDERactive disorder. So for sure we'll take grandpuppy Mags anytime! I should be a stick considering how much time I have to spend on my feet at work. We too had a grueling Friday and too many late nights with the docs running late procedures.

Any new recipes you may be working on? I'm going to try some acorn squash and apples today. Uncle Ron dropped off several squash and we need to eat them up soon.

Our D&W is having a Halloween pet contest. You should enter "Underdog"/Maggie.

Angie said...

Mmm, acorn squash. Does Uncle Ron grow the squash? I don't have any new recipes right now, but am badly in need of groceries so I'll have to brainstorm before I go shopping.

Patty Ann said...

Your pounds are not "lost"....Maggie found them! That puppy is really growing!
When Oprah came out with her thyroid disease it made us all think, but that can be a good thing.
What a beautiful weekend. We had snow by this time last year.

Chris said...

Well I can say in my case that feeling sick at night has helped to curb after dinner snacking, plus this whole thing of having no appetite for candy, ice cream, or sweets...let's just say that I haven't gained any weight yet...and I really miss that stuff :-(

mamins said...

No Ang, Uncle Ron doesn't grow his own, but he has a great connection with a woman near the cottage and one of his best friends he visits on a weekly basis. I'll get you some if you'd like. We're doing some cottage work today since it's supposed to be so nice.

Kim said...

Patty, did you stuff the squash with the apples and nuts? Mmmm...one of my favorite fall foods. I will have to buy some squash!

mamins said...

I've also stuffed the squash with a sausage and cheese mixture. YUM!
The apples and nuts is healthier, darn.