Oct 28, 2007


Our venture as Pee-Wee's Playhouse members was, unfortunately, cancelled this weekend due to Brian's forgetfulness. He was signed up to sing as a cantor at church Sunday morning. He has made the director reschedule on two different occasions, so he couldn't bare to cancel on her again. So, we only went to Chicago for Friday-Saturday. Although we didn't get to dress up, Maggie did. Carrie, Matt, Brian and I took Maggie and Scout to a costume contest at a Chicago dog park, Puptown. I think Maggie and I were equally overwhelmed by the amount of chaos, barking, and scent of dog poop.

As you already know, Maggie was Underdog. Scout was a very dashing Pirate. Besides his swash-buckling costume, he also had a hat and gold hoop earring. He refused to wear the eyepatch. It's probably for the best, because he would just end up walking in circles.

A few cute costume ideas included a hot dog, a picnic and tarantula. One of the most original ideas was Mrs. O'Leary and her cow - for those who know about the Chicago fire.

Sunday has been a lazy day, I'm coming down with, yet another, nasty cold. We have to carve our pumpkins tonight.


Patty Ann said...

Looks like Maggie made some friends. I can't believe at her young age she is meeting "City Dogs" already. Wait till Wednesday night when the trick-or-treaters show up on your doorstep!

Jacqueline said...

Here Maggie comes to save the day! She looks adorable!