Oct 21, 2007

Black Tie Optional

Saturday night we attended a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth. We are connected with GRYC through my involvement in the Grand Rapids Junior League. It was a great night for a great cause, supporting an after-school center and summer camp for the needy children of Grand Rapids. The theme was 70s disco, so some dressed the part. I, however, used my first "black tie optional" event as an excuse to buy a new dress. I got this excellent dress from Black House White Market in Lansing. I love it and can't wait for another excuse to wear it!

Here's a photo of me with my fellow Junior Leaguers (blurry, which makes me sad).

From the back

Even though I'm an adult, I still find it fun to play dress up!


Patty Ann said...

OH MY do I love that dress...I so wish I was your size! You look like you're ready to do some latin dancing!
It's nice when volunteers get a little reward for hard work.

Carrie said...

Ooooh! Ang, that dress is HOT! I love that store!

mamins said...

Looking goooood! You guys have so much fun dressing up! Gorgeous dress! Did you get to make use of your dance lessons?

Kim said...

LOVE that dress!