Oct 4, 2007

Happy Birthday!

My not-so-little-anymore sister turned 23 today! Sorry I didn't get this post up earlier Meagan. She's so growns-up now. Pretty soon she'll be done with her internship and out in the real world as a "productive citizen."
Here's a pic of her opening her b-day gift from me on Sunday. (Which, btw, she did just after completing a 1/2-marathon. Congrats on that.)

No it's not a watch, it's not a hot pad....you've got it - handknit socks! Big surprise, eh? I made these with hand-dyed yarn I purchased at the Michigan Fiber Festival. When I purchased it, it sort of looked maize and blue. Meagan is way into U of M football. Too bad it's really more of an orange and blue.

Fortunately, I was more spot on with this Detroit Tigers-esque Gap sweater.


Anonymous said...

Angie dear you are such a trooper!!!
Love You bunches!
patty Sue

Meagank7 said...

Thanks again for my gifts :) I will be wearing my socks on saturday... if they lose I can't promise I'll wear them again. haha.

Patty Ann said...

Superstitious? I'm only a "little stitious" as Michael would say on the Office.