Oct 16, 2007

Have Faith

Well, it turns out I have not given up on DWTS. After completing last night's episode this morning, I have to say, this is a strong cast! Now that Wayne Newton is gone, every performer is solid. I didn't flinch with anyone. Mark Cuban seems to think things through a little too much, but he's still doing a great job. Floyd may not be the best, but it's amazing how much he can look past the feminine-side of ballroom and put his heart into it. I think he was going to cry when he was in the bottom two last week! When I first saw the cast, I picked Jennie Garth as a winner. She disappointed me for a couple weeks, but now that she's worked out her nervousness, she's beautiful! It really seems like a toss up right now. Who gets your vote?

On a side note, please say a small prayer that the rain stops. I have a field trip planned for all of the GRYC kids this afternoon. We're going to a great apple orchard with a pumpkin patch, hayride and corn maze. They'll be so sad if we have to cancel :(


Patty Ann said...

Thanks for reminding me to vote. I like anyone except the Cheetah girl and the Spice girl. I never vote for people who have extensive work with choreographers, Marie Osmond included but she was great last night. Boo for Samantha being back....
I don't think this is an all day rain. I hope your field trip works out.

mamins said...

Hey Ang, we just did some shopping in the rain and topped if off with Corner Bar hot dogs! I picked up some stocking stuffers that I'm very excited about. I guess I'd also not noticed before that most of the specialty shops have a baby gallery! I guess most women shopping in those stores are grandmothers. Doting ones too! Jade has a doggy boutique did you know that?

As for DWTS, I haven't been voting this season, but really enjoying the dancing. The bar is set very high. I hope Marie pulls it off for all of us larger older women! Although she'll probably lose 20 pounds over the course of the competition.

Good luck on your field trip! Don't you ever just relax on your day off?!