Oct 30, 2007

I can see clearly now...

Last winter we experienced the true meaning of "wind chill factor", meaning that the wind truly chilled our bedroom as it whipped through the closed windows and past our bed. A heated mattress pad was my best friend. Before winter hits again, we decided it was time to take the plunge and replace 9 of the original wood windows in our house. The rest were replaced by the last owner. You all heard my prior complaints about the process of window estimate shopping. After two quotes, we settled with Jack's Wholesale Windows. Our salesman was a sheister and hard to get on the phone once the deal was signed. But, the installation experience went smoothly. In four short hours the job was done, and neatly at that.

Now I know windows are a really dull subject....but please humor me! It's not every day one spends several grand on shiny new windows.

Kitchen before:

And after, now with a slider. The better to get the smell of stinky fish and or burning smoke out of your kitchen!

Bedroom closet before:

Bedroom closet after: (love the prairie style inserts...you know, because I live on a prairie)

There are more beautiful windows where these came from, but I'll spare you the details.


Patty Ann said...

A heated mattress pad is my best friend too, especially after getting home from swimming at the Y with frozen hair. I love the prairie inserts, good choice and you'll love the breeze by your kitchen work area.

mamins said...

Great windows! New windows, some new insulation - you'll be all set soon!

How about a heated blanket? Would you like one on your Christmas wish list? You can get them with dual controls.

Jan will come with me Saturday for Beneath the Wreath! It'll be fun.

brian said...

We have a heated mattress pad, David bought it for Ang for Christmas last year.

Hopefully now with the new windows, we can keep it off, or at a very low setting this winter.

Kim said...

Love the new windows! Not at all boring.

The Outlaw Kyle said...

I think that prairie style refers to the "Prairie Style" of Frank Lloyd Wright. If you look at some pics of the Meyer-May House in GR you'll see similar shapes in the window.