Nov 4, 2007

Comfort Food

With the fall weather here, I continue to crave warm comfort foods that also hint to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This week I have several things on my mind, mashed sweet potatoes, stew, white chicken chili and squash bisque.

Last week we had split-pea soup, so I'm past that. It was yummy. I didn't have a hambone, but just used some cubed ham to impart that nice salty flavor. Brian spent Sunday night concocting a delicious chicken potpie. He did a great job and is already thinking of creative ways to alter his next recipe.

What's in/on your oven this week?


Patty Ann said...

I actually do have a hambone. Got a spiral at Aldi's last week...really good deal. So ham soup with navy beans and veggies is going in the crock pot. What kind of crust did Brian use for chicken pot pies? Recently Rachael Ray did one with polenta I would like to try, but I've used phyllo sheets before.

Amber said...

Nothing seasonal really, too warm down here! We're having some orange glazed salmon at some point this week which is pretty yummy.

Carrie said...

I made banana bread on Sunday night and plan to make chicken parmesan for dinner tomorrow night. I have a recipe for butternut squash soup that you should try. Its so yummy!

mamins said...

My meatloaf will be in the oven shortly. Along with mashed potatoes - hang the diet today. I almost cried on the Nurse Practitioner's shoulder today since I've been feeling so wiped out! She took some blood to see about some things and that uncomfortable squeeze is scheduled for 2 weeks! Comfort food is a good remedy! That and romping with our Maggie May! Sparkiechic really has the rrrrruff down good!!!