Nov 24, 2007

Giving Thanks

I have a lot to give thanks for this year. I hope you all feel the same. Brian and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving at my parent's house this year. We enjoyed a delicious meal full of traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  I was right by my mom's side knitting er helping.  My older sister couldn't make it this year, so we went without the green bean casserole. Brian's day was a bit disrupted by this lack of a soupy treat, but he made do. Maggie enjoyed a Busy Bone and seemed, luckily, oblivious to the feast at our table.

One of my experiments this year was an acorn squash bisque from my Junior League cookbook.  I was thrilled to find an acorn squash puree at Williams-Sonoma, which saved me from having to whack through 3# of acorn squash peels.  The recipe was tastefully inventive, easy, but messy as you have to process it all to a smooth consistency after cooking.  Let's just say, hot puree makes for easy second degree burns.  I was worried my father might not like it as he has a phobia for sweet potatoes.  But I knew it was a hit when I caught him slurping his bowl clean.  He caught me looking at him like a boy with his hand in the cookie jar.  He smiled and just said "That was good."

To Grandmother's house we go.

Nothing like a deep fried bird carcass to put you in the mood!

Brian's specialty - sweet potato casserole.

I'd love to hear what you all enjoyed this Thanksgiving!


Matt Stratton said...

We rocked the Weber for our turkey this year, and I have to say - I've had deep-fried, I've had oven-roasted...I've had just about every turkey cooking method on the planet.

I will never ever prepare a turkey any way other than Weber-grilled from now on.

It was yummy.

Pictures and story here.

Chris said...

Well it was different being in Michigan for Thanksgiving, I just wish we could have traveled down to be with you all. We did enjoy some nice Pennsylvania dishes, although they didn't have quite all the same "fixings" as they do back there, so Sue had to improvise. The homemade filling and apple pies were delic'. Then we played a 4 hour game of Trivial Pursuit, men vs. women, let's just say that the men know their sports.

Patty Ann said...

We really enjoyed the soup Angie, I'll definitely make that recipe. Everything was delicious. We are still eating leftovers- you should have taken some home!
Still haven't found Brian's glove. I don't know if Maggie found a really good hiding place. Her bone was under the bathroom rug.

The Outlaw Kyle said...

The main dish was West Side Smoked keilbasa, baked in homemade hard cider and covered with sour kraut. Mrs. TOK made baked apples. The Outlaw Fiona had her first taste of rice cereal. Huzzah!

mamins said...

Dad did his amazing "purdue" turkey. We made stuffing and mashed potatoes. There was an over abundance of food as usual. One hit was Jacqueline's specialty cut cucumbers in her salad - definitely a "Martha" creation! Julie and David brought a very tasty pecan pie. YUM! Grandpa made this ginormous (!) dessert that he brought in on his meat carving board! The house was crazy and bursting with people, than sadly very empty with no Burch siblings around..(: