Nov 25, 2007

Vote for Helio!

Now that Jennie Garth is gone from Dancing with the Stars- I can promise my undivided vote to Helio.  He has been such a great spirit through the competition.  He works hard to get good scores (I believe much harder than Mel).  He has absolutely no background in choreography or entertaining. And can we just talk about his smile?!   The boy should do a Crest White Strips commercial.

Unfortunately, the dancing last night was not as great as last week. I suppose it's hard when they have three dances to learn. Mel's hip-hop was slow and just looked like old people trying to be teenagers. Marie was scary in her doll costume. Helio was the star of the night. For a little guy, he was able to throw Julianne all over the dance floor.

And for those out there who roll their eyes at DWTS, but stare intently at every MSU game....just think of the final episode tonight as the dancer's Rose Bowl.

Oh, and I just have to mention, Samantha's chest was a bit too much in that purple dress. Good lord!
Vote here before noon.

1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

Agree: Mel looked like she just revamped a spice girls number for her freestyle.
Agree: Marie looked very scary in that dress and makeup. Just trying to sell her dolls.
Agree: Helio was the best!
Agree: Samantha and her breasts are not for prime time tv.
Agree: the super bowl of dancing!