Nov 17, 2007

Mary Gertrude

I'm sorry I've been off blogger this week. Brian's grandmother passed away Monday night after a long struggle with COPD. This is his father's stepmother, but really like a true mother as she raised him since he was 5 years old. It's strange and sad how much more you learn about someone after their death. I knew Mary as a kind lady who supported me and Brian fully and knew me better than my own grandparents. She shared in my love for knitting and even gave me all of her needles. What I learned of Mary at the funeral was impressive. She was a graduate from Kalamazoo College, back when women didn't go to college. She fought to help my father-in-law get surgical repair for his club feet and was there to nurse him back to health and ease his pain.

We were glad she was finally able to leave her body as it was such a struggle for her each day to breathe. But she will be missed and we will cherish her memory.


mamins said...

Thank you for a lovely tribute Angie. It was a long, difficult week, but having you there helped a great deal. We'll miss you Thanksgiving, but we'll get together for Chuckles' 61st!

Patty Ann said...

She really did light up the room at the wedding. I know from everything you have said about your times with her, that you will never forget her.