Nov 1, 2007


Last night a teen was shot in the arm 1 1/2 blocks from our house. This occurred just after 10 pm last night, I did hear sirens, but wasn't too worried. Should I be more worried? Is it wrong for me to think that because I don't belong to a gang that I'm at no risk. Instead of my safety, I just think "That won't help the resale value of my house."


Patty Ann said...

So sorry to hear that. Some kids think Halloween is a free-for-all.

Jacqueline said...

I didn't know there were gangs in Holland. Was there a full moon last night?

mamins said...

Full moon was last week. There have been gangs in Holland since the Travis cousins were in high school at Holland High, so pretty much for at least the last 10+ years. I know a deacon that has been interveening with teens that are gang friendly - pretty dangerous stuff!

I think you guys are pretty safe still, but be careful after dark, which after this weekend may mean after 5 o'clock! Yeah! It's "fall back" time!

What about Dancing? Pretty bizarre?