Nov 6, 2007

She's growing up!

Maggie completed her puppy obedience class last night.

She's come a long way with her training. She's really getting the grasp of sit, down, stay, and come. She's also learned how to walk on a loose leash. Sunday we put her training in action and went out to a public park with soccer fields. We let her loose and practice "come" from across the field. She came, even when Brian hid behind a tree! We were very proud of our little pup. Now we can start working on some fun stuff, like shake, spin and jumping.

The puppy class teacher was kind enough to let each of the puppies pick two toys out of a pile. Maggie picked out a Santa Claus and Halloween eyeball - she has odd taste.

It's been a busy day off so far. The weather is so blustery that I hated to go out, but I survived. I now have my stew in the crock pot and am excited for my yarn spinning class tonight! Plus I have to see who's next to get the boot on DWTS - I hope Jane!


mamins said...

Congratulations to Mags!
She definetely has her own tastes.

I want Jane to go tonight. All I see from her is ballet, ballet. Let's move on to the others.

Patty Ann said...

Awww. Maggie is a smart little girl. That's really cute that the teacher let them choose two toys.

It's blustery here today as well. I see that CMU-vs-WMU is on ESPN 2 tonight. This is the same weather they had last year.