Jan 8, 2008

Cloudy Day

Today is a quiet day off for me. I celebrated this morning when I did my check-out weight for our "Hold it for the Holidays" program at work. I not only maintained, but surprisingly, lost a couple pounds. I immediately celebrated by going to the gym :) I receive a $25 gift card to Meijer for my accomplishment and get entered for another $50 g.c. for losing weight. I'd like to buy a baby gate to put in the entryway of the kitchen. That should give Maggie a safe place to romp when we can't keep an eye on her. Right now she's howling at a quilt. Funny dog.

I made a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast. 6 frozen peach slices, 1 cup o.j. and a banana mixed quickly with a stick blender. 10 am and my 3-5 servings of fruit/veggie are done for the day.

Later I'll walk Maggie in the rain and find time to spin some more yarn.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love your stick blender? I whipped up a mango smoothy this morning with mine.Linda

Sparkiechic said...

Sounds like a great day off, you're making me feel like I need a vacation! ;)

mamins said...

I'm awful glad you took it quiet today! You need to do more of just that.