Jan 15, 2008

Sucky Dance Wars

Disappointment. That's how I've felt the last two Monday nights after sitting through Dance Wars. Carrie Ann and Bruno seem to be trying hard to be charismatic, but their acting jobs are fair to poor. Carrie Ann acts like an excited teenager and Bruno tries to pull off the macho man. The contestants are supposedly "dancers who can sing and singers who can dance." It seems that is a very difficult person to find, because out of their top selections, there are less than a handful of worthwhile singers. I will give the show one more week because they just now divided into Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann. I'd like to see how the concept works out. But if next week is just as boring, I think I'll move to re-runs of How I Met Your Mother. Plus, American Idol is starting up again!


Brian said...

You are 100% right. We should watch something else.

mamins said...

I "watched" last night - sort of since I had an extra long day with a staff meeting after work and it was easy to doze through. I agree with you Ang, it's not as exciting as I'd hoped it would be. I do like a few of the singer/dancers though, Elizabeth and Zach are my favorites. If Idol brings on another Sanjaya, I may not be able to take it!