Jan 26, 2008

Slumber Party

Last night was a slumber party at our house. We yanked out the bed in our couch, drug the duvet cover downstairs, and snuggled with Maggie while watching Eight Below.

This is an older movie which I've been dying to watch on one of these wintery nights. The acting by the humans is a bit lackluster, but the dogs are precious. My eyes welled with tears as I watched the eight sled dogs try to survive on their own for 160 days in an Antartica winter. Their barking kept Maggie's attention for most of the movie, too.


Matt Stratton said...

That movie was so sad! I loved the dogs. I clutched onto Scout for the majority of the movie and was crying into his fur.
Sounds like a fun night! I love slumber parties.

carrie said...

damn it, I did it again....that comment was from me, carrie, not matt!