Jan 15, 2008

Sweet tooth

We met the cutest puppy at the dog park last Saturday. Warning, this dog is so sweet, she may give you a cavity.

It's a Bernese mountain dog. The one we met was named Mackinaw and only 15 weeks old. She looked like a fluffy teddy. The owner already had her full attention and obedience. She obeyed to "come" and "sit" like it was old hack. When Maggie is at the dog park, she interprets "Come" as "Run away from me and go play with the other dogs." He said this breed is known for being especially calm and well behaved beyond their years. His puppy was acting like a 4 year old dog. They grow to be about 125 pounds. I would recommend that anyone looking for an easy maintenance large dog checks out this breed.


Carrie said...

OMG! She is sooo cute! I want a puppy!

Amber said...

So cute! Almost as cute as Maggie...but not quite! :)