Jan 12, 2008

Knitting and cooking

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner. I think I'll make a turkey lasagna. I love having dinner guests in the winter. It's a nice time to catch up before the hustle of summer and share some comfort foods. I want to find some time to begin a scarf for my friend, since I finally received the necessary yarn from Webs. This will be my first project in shadow stitching, so I just have to cross my fingers and hope it works out. I also want to finish my hand spun cabled hat now that I've come up with several yards more of yarn.

Yesterday I had a mental breakdown as a comedy of (other people's) errors at work ate off a chunk of my lunch hours. Wednesday and Friday's I'm responsible for going home and letting Maggie out for her bathroom break. Now that my office has moved roughly 15 minutes away, I struggle to make it. It generally turns me into a witch that morning as I sweat whether I'll make it home and back on time for my next patient and feel like I provided Maggie quality time. I called Brian in tears as I sped home. He decided it'd be worth it to bite the bullet and hire a dog walker for those remaining days rather than have me feeling like that. He's a very supportive husband.

We're also going to check out a doggy daycare (called Camp Bow Wow, how cute) for one day/week. She has to be vaccinated for kennel cough and go through a three hour interview with the other dogs to rule out aggression. The daycare may sound extreme to some, but it will wear her out towards the end of the week and save us a manic puppy at 9 pm. We're usually winding down when she's winding up. Plus, it's only twice the cost of the dog-walker. A whole day vs. 20 minutes seems like a deal. The saying stands true, "A good dog is a tired dog."


mamins said...

One of my good work friends has her dog go to doggie day-care! Seriously - it works for her, especially with our hours! It'll be worth it for your state of mind and not worrying about how she's doing, and her wind-up time when you're winding down.

Anonymous said...

i've heard good things about camp bow wow!! :)

Anonymous said...

A girl I work with at the knitting store takes her border collie mix,Lucky, to Camp Fido.Not sure what kind of crafts they do.........Linda