Jan 20, 2008

I don't mind the snow...

because I have no reason to do anything other than stay inside and knit. Well, I guess one reason not to knit would be that my upperback/neck has been screaming with muscle cramps for days. I can't look down for more than 3 seconds without an instant burning knot forming. But nothing a few hundred milligrams of naproxen, tylenol, and two ThermaHeat patches won't take the edge off....

I'm working on a few gifts right now, so I won't spoil the details. Here is a glimpse of each.

This is my first "illusion" project. I can't wait to show you the finished product (it's a little PG-13).


Another baby project. Sort of reminds me of an ocean right now.


I've also started another teddy bear that I'll use for a fundraising donation for the Junior League.

On another note, for those inquiring minds, another month goes by in which I am not pregnant. I was disappointed because my body was trying to give me symptoms to convince me otherwise. I'm trying to make the best of it to keep my spirits high. On the positive side of things, it was the first perfect 28 day cycle I've had. So I feel quite normal in that aspect. On another good note, I was allowed to drink a large margarita last night guilt-free.

Hopefully we'll have better luck next time. Until then, bottom's up!


mamins said...

Oh hon I'm sorry another month went by. You and Brian need to go out and just have some fun, and don't worry about the drinks. I've had many tell me it was after an evening of fun and drinks, they conceived so go for it! I'm still praying hard too! Love you both!

Amber said...

Keep up the good spirits Angie! And drink those yummy margaritas while you can! Can't wait to see the finished projects.