Jan 29, 2008

Product of the Week

For all of the dog lovers out there who haven't discovered this wonderful distraction, I highly recommend Frosty Paws. Carrie was the first one to turn Maggie on to these. These "ice cream" cups come in original and peanut butter flavor, cost about $1 each, and keep your pup busy for about 20 minutes. I have only been able to find them at D&W in West Michigan after searching many a freezer case high and low. I try to save them for the times when I really can't keep an eye on her and need to save her from destroying my books, coffee table, knitting, pillow....well, pretty much the whole house.


mamie said...

Maggie still has at least one in our freezer when she next visits. Who knows, maybe she'll be able to share a treat with a new Shepherd pup or "cousin" Bayley!

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law said that she has gotten Frosty Paws at the Wal-Mart in Holland...Have you checked there?