Jan 24, 2008

No one messes with my puppy

Maggie had her first day in doggy day care today and it could result in me being reprimanded by my boss. Why? Because I spent any spare minute loading the web cam to watch her play with other puppies in choppy segmented camera feed. I even forced co-workers to watch. They were polite enough to act like they cared. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually.
I watched her run outside, run back in, chase other dogs, probably eat their poop. She played the day away. Then at about 5:15, all the other dogs disappeared and there Maggie was left. She sat alone in the middle of the cold cement floor. Her back was to the camera as she faced the gate door, wondering if her poppa was ever going to come to get her. I called Brian to see when he would get there to pick her up. Not for 1 1/2 more hours. He was getting drinks with co-workers! Oh my poor lonely Maggie! Of course, she did fine. She's now asleep within minutes of getting home. I'm going to take advantage of that and go do some more reading. (I'm reading a book on Fertility Awareness, everything you never wanted to know about cervical mucus.)


Chris said...

Poor Maggie. Cayman must know when we get to the groomer's to pick her up because she is already doing her whining when the lady goes back to get her. She she sleep good last night too?

mamie said...

I think "mommy" has a more difficult time with separation than Maggie does! I remember worrying about Missy all the time while we were at work. And to find out she was having breakfast daily with the neighbors since the "fence" couldn't keep her in our yard!

Met newest addition Baylie's Irish Dream last night. She is adorable and will put Maggie to the test. She's little, but scurries about.

I'm changing my "name" to mamie, since I'm pretty sure that's what I'll have my blessed grandchildren call me!