Oct 28, 2008

Craving of the Week

I haven't had many cravings in this pregnancy, but last Thursday I discovered this tasty treat, the Twisted Frosty from Wendy's. I like mine with chocolate ice cream and Oreo. They're far superior to the flurry or blizzard because of the Frosty base. I liken it to a frozen milkshake. I've had three in less than 7 days and I see no end in sight.


Kim said...

Darn you becuase now I want one! I hope they're cheap. There is a Wendy's less than a block from my house. The M&M one looks great.

mamie said...

I agree that really looks lucious especially after avoiding anything with sugar for weeks!

Jacqueline said...

So, I tried one just a few minutes ago...it is gone already! I got chocolate with M&Ms. OMG! I think this might be my new favorite treat =)